Raffaello 8005T
Column shaped loudspeaker
Specifiche tecniche
Power7,5-15-30 W 100V
Sensibility93 dB
Max output level108 dB
Frequency Response 200-19000 Hz
Horizontal cover160°
Loudspeaker5 x 3"
ConnectionsCables on terminal
Weight3,5 Kg
ColorPearly white
HK-M6 - 2
SCA 140-109
RAFFAELLO, for its remarkably good value, represent a line of entry into the universe of column-shaped loudspeakers. The engineering design, pushed to the highest level, for the meticulous attention to detail, made it possible to achieve the creation of a product range of extremely good quality at a very accessible price.
The line array of the 3”1/4 loudspeakers makes Raffaello capable of superb acoustic results: the “effect of presence” among the others. The frequency response extends to the bass end of the audio range, making Raffaello suitable not only for voice projection, but also for the diffusion of music. A versatile range has been finally designed to suit a variety of sound needs as it is available in three models with 5,10 or 15 loudspeakers (respectively the 8005T, 8010T and 8015T).
The cabinet is available in pearl white and in standard RAL unit on request.